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SPLLOC 1 Photos + Interview Task

This task takes the form of a one-to-one semi-structured interview in Spanish between individual learners and members of the research team. A similar task was used previously in corpus research on L2 French.

The interview has been created in two versions, one for beginners, the other for intermediate and advanced learners.

The interview for intermediate and advanced learners is in 3 parts. In the first part, the learners are shown a series of six stimulus photographs (of young British people on holiday in Mexico) and are asked to describe the various scenes and activities. In the second part they are asked to find out as much additional information as they can about the characters shown in the pictures, by asking questions. In the third part, the researcher asks the learner a range of questions about their current interests, their past activities, and their plans for the future.

The interview for beginners is very similar but the stimulus pictures show British adolescents undertaking leisure activities at home/on holiday in Europe.

Sample photograph (intermediate and advanced learners):

sample photo for Interview + Photo TAsk