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The XML Schema

All of the data found on this website will eventually be made available for downloading in XML format. In an attempt to support data-sharing we have adopted the XML Schema designed and developed by the talkbank project. For further details on the talkbank XML schema please refer to: MacWhinney et al's paper Talkbank: Building an Open Unified Multimodel Database of Communicative Interaction.

What is XML?

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a W3C-recommended general-purpose markup language for creating special-purpose markup languages, capable of describing many different kinds of data. XML is a metalanguage, a language used to describe other languages, used in the sharing of data across different systems, particulary ones connected via the Internet. XML allows people to design and describe their own markup languages in a standardised fashion. XML is written in SGML, the international standard metalanguage for text document markup (ISO 8879).

For further information refer to: w3c's XML specification.