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Clitic Interpretation Task

This focussed task was specifically designed for the SPLLOC research project to investigate learners' knowledge of clitic object pronouns. The idea for the task was adapted from the research of Florencia Franceschina and we are grateful for her collaboration. It comprises 30 short multiple choice items designed using Macromedia Authorware, and is administered on a laptop computer. Each item presents the learner with a stimulus Spanish sentence including a clitic object pronoun marked for gender and number. Each sentence is presented both orally and in writing. Four nouns of varying number/gender are offered as possible responses and the learner must select the one which matches the stimulus.

This task was administered to all beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. However the response data are not included in the SPLLOC database; further details are available from the research team.

Sample item:

sample item for Clitics Interpretation Task