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Child Language Data Exchange System / CHILDES

The CHILDES project is internationally known for its first language acquisition data and analysis tools. CHILDES tools have been used in more than 1300 published studies ranging from computational linguistics, language disorders, narrative structures, literacy development, phonological analyses and adult sociolinguistics (for a useful introduction to CHILDES see MacWhinney 1999).

More recently CHILDES tools have begun to be used by second language researchers, as for example in our sister project for French L2).

CHILDES consists of three integrated components:

Here we provide only a very brief introduction to CHILDES. Any researcher wishing to understand how the tools work will need to consult the manuals, which are also available in hardback (MacWhinney, 2000).

The SPLLOC project adheres generally to the researcher and user groundrules which have been developed by the CHILDES project. These groundrules are available at