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Word Order Task

This is a 28 item acceptability judgement task specially developed for the SPLLOC project. The object of the task is to document learners' knowledge of word order variation at the syntax/pragmatics interface.

The task is a pencil and paper multiple choice task. Learners are offered a situation (described in English) plus a question in Spanish and three alternative responses. They must select the correct response.

Sample item:

You are in the cinema watching a film with some friends. One of your friends, you don't know who, sneezes very loudly so you ask Andrés: "¿Quién ha estornudado?" (Who has sneezed?)

What could Andrés say?

a. Ha estornudado Juan b. Juan ha estornudado c. Both sentences

(Data from this pencil and paper task is not included in the public database. For more details please contact the research team.)