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“Simultaneous Actions” task

This task was specially developed for the SPLLOC 2 project. The main aim of the task was for learners to describe two simultaneous actions that had been going on the previous day. This was a controlled production task, with 12 total items. Learners were offered a context (a day in the life of two cousins before they had left for Mexico), and six pairs of picture stimuli showing what the cousins were doing at different times of day, accompanied by verb prompts. They had to review the pictures and report on the actions shown in each pair of pictures, as happening simultaneously. The verbs provided represented different types of lexical aspect (activities, accomplishments, achievements, in varying combinations).

Extract from task instructions and sample picture stimuli, “Simultaneous Actions” task

“You have a series of pictures depicting what Javier and Silvia were doing at various times. First, match the things that they did at the same time. Then, describe to the researcher what they were doing at that time. Start with the phrase “Mientras Javier…” and use the phrases under each picture, conjugating the verbs when necessary.”

preparar café

This task is available for download in English and Spanish

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