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"Nati y Pancho" narrative task

This task was specially designed for the SPLLOC 2 project. The overall aim of the task was for learners to re-tell a story in their own words, which showed the typical events in the life of a girl (Nati) and her cat (Pancho), plus the intertwined events of a day when each main character believed the other one to be lost.

Learners were provided with a picture booklet telling the story, plus a short list of key vocabulary, including a range of verbs which could be used to describe the main actions and experiences of the story. After a few moments of preparation, they re-told the story to an interlocutor from the research team.

The story used in this task was based on "Missing" by Jonathan Langley ©Frances Lincoln 2000 (ISBN 9780711215436). These pictures were reproduced and adapted with permission. If you would like to see a full copy of the task for use in educational or research purposes please contact us.

Todas las mañanas eran iguales
Nati Reading Pancho in Field
Nati... Pancho...