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“Las Hermanas” narrative task

This task was specially devised for the SPLLOC 2 project. The aim of this task was for learners to retell a relatively controlled picture narrative. The narrative was specially written and concerns the experiences of two sisters taking a rail journey from Madrid to Barcelona. During the trip they recall their different childhood characters and experiences … until they are interrupted by an unexpected event.

The stimulus for the learner consists of a picture booklet containing a series of illustrations, accompanied by keywords and expressions to be used in the retelling. The learners were given a few moments to study the story, and were instructed to use the phrases given beneath each picture. They then retold the story to a member of the research team.

This task is available for download

Sample pictures, “Las Hermanas” narrative (All images are ©2008 SPLLOC)

De pequeñas, (ser) muy diferentes

De pequeñas, (ser) muy diferentes

Gwen de niña…cada fin de semana

(pintar) un cuadro

(pintar) un cuadro

Sarah de niña…los fines de semana

(juegar) al fútbol

(jugar) al fútbol